The Turkish people are first introduce to the habit of drinking coffee is when the era of the Ottoman dynasty around five centuries ago or around the 1500s. When the governor of Yemen, whose territory was part of the Sultanate Ottoman – bring the seeds, including Arabica coffee beans to the city of Istanbul. Since then the tradition of drinking coffee became part of the customs officials sultan and the environment of the palace and its people.

Shortly after coffee was introduced to the Ottomans in 1543, coffee became so popular so quickly with the opening of coffee shops and small stores that specialize in selling roasted coffee beans (roasted coffee) called “tahmis” and to this day there is a road called Jalan Tahmis in Istanbul’s Eminonu area.

The Ritual Coffee in Turkey can be seen from three things, namely how to make coffee and coffee presentation event when performed as well as read the coffee grounds to predict (fortune telling). First, Ways of making Turkish coffee is made with special ways, although at this time the Turks prefer practical ways of making coffee. But there is also still retain making coffee beverages with traditional ways. Practical steps to make coffee at this time is to use a heater and an electric coffee grinder. Unlike the old way is still practiced is to use traditional tools such as a container of coffee (called Cezve or Ibrik), grinders manual (called Degirmen), cups (called Fincan) and embers for brewing coffee in which the container of coffee will continue to be placed coffee on a bonfire in order to keep warm.

Tukish coffee maker tool

Tukish coffee maker tool

Second, regular coffee Presentation made at the time of application or proposal event, where family bride will serve coffee in various ways. The bride will bring coffee drinks on trays (trays). Where in this event the woman has the right to vote in answering the proposal. Unique enough to answer, for example sengan serves coffee with a sweet taste, bitter taste (without sugar) and salty taste. Flavors of coffee has a meaning. Sweet means the proposal is accepted meanwhile bitter meaning that the proposal was not accepted. Whether for saltiness I still have not got an answer from the existing literature.

Third, grinded coffee powder can also be used to predict for those who believe. The trick adala to see the rest of the coffee grounds from cups or glasses we drink. Coffee before you run out it will be a little left coffee water and the pulp is then poured slowly in a circle on the table horizontally and will form a certain pattern. Then a skilled reading the dregs of the coffee powder will read the pattern and explain about your future. And he will also provide advice in megambil the right decisions on the problems encountered.

Fincan (cups) for mememinum Turkish coffee

Enjoying Turkish coffee is usually accompanied by sweet snacks customary in the past. The example candied fruit snacks known as sherbet, turkish delight or called Lokum, pasta sultan (anatra mixture of honey and 40 kinds of herbs), and halva (sweet cake made of chocolate and sesame plus peanuts or almonds), or other confectionery.

Further, I will practice how to make Turkish Coffee in a practical way using coffee electrical Ibrik to heat the water. Please follow the link writing the sequel to come.


A Coffee Song with Frank Sinatra

It is seldom to find songs about coffee. Coffee may provide some tonics for author, musician, singer and so on. But there isn’t much for the musician to write and compose a song with coffee as a main story. Here is a very popular song about coffee which is sung by Frank Sinatra.


Kedai Kopi Kimung

Actually I’ve made several trips to Grand Depok City, especially at the weekend taking a child to swim in Depok Fantasy Waterpark “Alladin”. And over the past two months turned out across Waterpark already established a coffee shop with a decorative canopy of green. During this time I was not too bothered where this coffee shop, because of the distance looks almost identical to a row of office for another. Until at last I drove the kids to swim again in the future, I invite the family to look for lunch at the shophouses. After a long search, we arrived at Café Kimung. On the menu board in front of the entrance, a written menu oxtail soup. Without thinking, we stopped and dropped to order from the menu. I myself order Kimung coffee drinks, namely coffee milk served with filter coffee filter called Vietnam Drip.

A special Menu in interest is fried rice added with Aceh crackers and there is also Pempek Kimung treated with typical recipes Kimung coffee shop. As for oxtail soup, for while this material is still using imported oxtail meat. Due to local oxtail meat fat is high enough.

About three days time passed, I was inspired by the flavors of the menus in the store and intend to write a story on the blog. So I made an appointment with the tavern owner to be able to meet and talk about their coffee shop. Finally tit for tat, I was given the opportunity to meet with Mr. Syahrizal Sharif and Ms. Emila Said on Saturday, June 4, 2011 in their stores. My impression at that meeting, they were very friendly and very familiar in the mix. They did not hesitate to share the information in such things as life motivation, self-enlightenment, experience culinary tourism, health and of course about the coffee matter.

Mr. Sharif and Ms. Emila Syahrizal Said

Our conversation began with an introduction and told each other respective backgrounds. The talks went smoothly and flow unimpeded. From the story of Mr. Syahrizal I became know that he is an educator who is very concerned with what happens to environmental surroundings. And on a broader scope, he quite concerned with the state of this nation. I listened to the whole story is quite long and I feel like in the lecture room. He was an educator who always reminded that we do the best.

The next topic is the background of the establishment of a coffee shop Kimung. Very interesting for me to listen to the reasons why he was interested in setting up a coffee shop business. One of the most important reason when starting this business is the love and hobby of husband and wife for a culinary tour to several regions in Indonesia. Of all the areas that have been visited, they always try dishes typical of the local area. If there is a perceived dishes tasty and delicious, it will be shared to others through a list of menu at the coffee shop Kimung. For them it is better not to offer dishes that taste awful. Please come and see for yourself!

Kimung Coffee shops can also be regarded as a manifestation of this couple to concern in the view of development coffee industry in the country. From the Dutch colonial era it was well known in the international that Indonesian coffee are highly qualified and well-loved. The main area as the famous coffee producer is Nanggroe Aceh Gayo coffee, Tana Toraja Kalosi coffee and North Sumatra Sidikalang coffee. To raise the prestige of these coffees, Kimung coffee shop introduced in their menu offerings. In this coffee shop, Indonesian single original is still in the form of seeds – girinded and brewed when about to enjoy- with the right process and not inferior to coffee flavor elsewhere. A cup of coffee – in the Kimung coffee shop in a comprehensive variant – from coffee milk, coffee with medium viscosity (single origin with french press) until the coffee is brewed with viscous (Syphon and perculator). With the hope of highly qualified Indonesian coffee can be brewed and served in a proper way and can be enjoyed as well as a pride and hosted in their own country. If the foreign coffee shops like Starbucks sell coffee only proud native of Indonesia, Indonesian people should be proud of drinking local coffee at a local coffee shop.

This time the Kimung coffee shop still in process to obtain patent rights use of the brand “Kedai Kopi Kimung”. And then in terms of business, this coffee shop will be operated with a pattern franchise (franchise). Already there are some parties who are interested in becoming franchisees this coffee caddies. And in the near future, a Kimung coffee shop will open first branch in the city of Pontianak.

For those of you Depok residents or from other areas, who happens to come, I recommend to stop by the Kimung coffee shop and taste varieties Kimung culinary ‘differently’ let alone the offered price is very affordable.

In this tavern hold a certain time watching the show together (nonton bareng) football final as Champion trophies etc. The shop is also open to conference meeting, gathering, reunion, launching the book, discussions, meetings, training, capacity fairly large room on the second floor and is equipped with facilities such as air-conditioning, projector, LCD Monitor Screen and Wi-fi.

The Risk of Diabetes Type 2 and Your Coffee

Europe has one of the highest prevalence of diabetes with 55.4 million sufferers – 8.5% of Europe’s population. It is predicted that one in 10 patients aged 20-79 years will have developed diabetes by 20301. Once a disease of old age, diabetes is now affecting adolescents and children and the highest increase is in the 30-40 year old age group2. Estimates indicate that at least 80 billion Euros ($106 billion) will be spent on healthcare for diabetes in Europe in 2010, accounting for 28% of global expenditure1.

For more information, see also : http://www.who.int/hpr/NPH/docs/who_fao_expert_report.pdf

Coffee consumption and type 2 diabetes

Recent scientific studies consistently show that regular, moderate coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.The association is documented in several different population groups and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes decreases as coffee consumption increases, with a significant effect already observed for 3-4 cups of coffee a day3.The mechanisms underlying the association between moderate coffee consumption and reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes need further investigation, to confirm the role of individual constituents in particular, such as caffeine and antioxidants

How to Make Espresso with Moka Pot

This following video how to make espresso using Moka Pot. Again, it is not difficult and quite easy.

  1. First, prepare a Moka pot and separate the water container with coffee container vessel. Then fill the water in the water container and covered with coffee containers (perforated container).
  2. Secondly, sprinkle coffee grounds in the coffee container earlier.
  3. Third, the lid and fasten with a coffee container vessel thereon.
  4. Fourth, put the water contained in the moka pot on the stove.
  5. Fifth, wait a few moments the coffee will come out of water (espresso) on the coffee container vessel.

On the video presentation, you should add coffee powder for more and take a looka at amount of water. If possible you may scale the coffee powder about 8-9 grams, meanwhile the water volume is not exceeded than 12 ml. It means to get strong coffee (esppresso) though not equal to espresso machine or manual tool likewise Presso.

Coffee Quotes

Coffee is the most popular drink around the world. Some Peoples usually have their inspiration when they work accompanied with a cup of coffee. They may make something special or  even a master piece as the result of deep contemplation. Here are some quotes regarding coffee drinking plus some others from famous peoples.

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’
-Jim Carrey-

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.
-Abraham Lincoln-

The growth of the company and the license that Starbucks has is to participate in other food and beverage opportunities. We have a global business… and in many parts of the world, tea is much, much bigger than coffee, and we’re going to bring tea and bring our capability and our understanding of what we’ve done for coffee to tea.
-Howard Schultz-

I gave up coffee. It’s almost worse than giving up a lover.
-Sandra Bullock-

Happiness is actually found in simple things, such as taking my nephew around the island by bicycle or seeing the stars at night. We go to coffee shops or see airplanes land at the airport.
-Andrea Hirata-

Coffee is a language in itself.
-Jackie Chan-